Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Drawing dog process

I've decided make a little process of drawing dog on paper, graphite pencil. I must to let it clear that the drawing have two essencials characteristic: The form and the value. If you aren't sure about the form; I always adviced to my students that don't start the values. Step 1 - Choose a nice photo. You must to choose the best photo that you can find coz' your learning drawing process depends to a photo.
Step 2 - The form. Start making just the object form trying to find Geometric figures as squares, triangles and circles. The pencil that you can used must to be a light pencil (2H or HB). In my case I've started with 2H pencil.
Step 3 - The values. The values graphite pencil that I used are 2H, HB, 2B and 4B; sometimes 6B. You must to start with lights pencils to finally darker.
Step form - The Details.
I've alredy used staedtler pencil and canson watercolor paper (140 lb).

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